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Our Team
The collaborators at DrugOptimal design, develop, and distribute software and services for the healthcare, pharmacy, and medical industry markets.
The leadership team

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Lugan Flacher

Experienced entrepreneur, expert pharmacist in physico-chemical incompatibility, and sales director, I address all clinical and medico-economic issues related to medication administration practices, product development strategy, DrugOptimal solution deployment, and customer relations for healthcare facilities.

Matthieu Gasc

Engineer and entrepreneur, passionate about innovation in healthcare and new managerial methods, I am responsible for the general management of the company. I handle financial and accounting strategy, process management through quality, strategic partnerships, legal oversight, and the search for new talents.


Computer Engineer and Ph.D. in Computer Science
Engineer and Ph.D. in Computer Science with over 30 years of experience, covering areas such as security, high availability systems, and artificial intelligence. I bring my expertise to a pragmatic company working for public health. I am responsible for the technical development of the product, its security, and the creation and training of AI on medication incompatibilities.

Thomas Bachelart

Chemical Engineer
Chemical engineer nearing completion of my thesis, I hold the position of Scientific Director, overseeing our research laboratory dedicated to incompatibilities. My responsibilities include the identification and characterization of incompatibilities, the development of study methods, research, deployment of new research directions, and scientific publication.
Scientific Board

Discover our scientific board


Head of Pulmonology and Infectiology Department
CH Saint-Denis

Dr Camille HAEGEL

Hôpital Broca AP-HP


Independent Nurse
CH Bourg-en-Bresse

Dr Florent TRESCOS

General Practitioner, Medical Director


Digital Medical Hub et CH de Bourg-en-Bresse

Dr Coralie PREBET

Medical Oncologist
Digital Medical Hub et CHU Tenon (AP-HP)


Patient Access Director
Digital Medical Hub


Strategic Director
Digital Medical Hub

Our roles

The pharmacist plays a pivotal role bridging various sectors of the company. They identify marketing opportunities, seek solutions to clinical issues, and assist in organizing medical innovation within the company.
Researcher, Chemist
As a developer of DrugOptimal's laboratory activity and in direct connection with academia, our researchers strive to advance the state of knowledge on physico-chemical incompatibilities.
AI Researcher
The AI researcher focuses on refining algorithms for predicting physico-chemical incompatibilities, taking into account feedback from the field, the laboratory, and advancements in science in the field.
Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager
As the guarantor of the company's compliance and adherence to its requirements towards stakeholders, the Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager oversees the quality management system (ISO 13485) and works towards the certification of DrugOptimal's medical devices.
Operations Manager
As the right-hand person, the Operations Manager supports the leaders at all levels of the company, including marketing, the creation of strategic partnerships, accounting, and human resources.
Business Developer
The Business Developer identifies and contacts future clients of DrugOptimal. They are responsible for developing commercial activity based on various targeted marketing opportunities.
The web developer is responsible for designing, developing, and testing the various functionalities needed for the evolution of the software developed by DrugOptimal.
Data scientist
A central pillar of DrugOptimal's innovation, the physico-chemical incompatibility database is continuously updated by the Data Scientist who compiles data from scientific literature, AI, and the laboratory.

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